Hardwood Floors

refinished hardwood floor

The Way They Were Meant To Look

Hardwood floors add a rich warmth and beauty to your home or business and perfectly accent traditional, classic and contemporary designs. But wear and tear, and other damage can occur, leaving your once richly beautiful hardwood floors not so beautiful.

Are you due for refinishing?

Although polyurethane finishes eliminate the need for waxing and actually reduce maintenance costs, they don't last forever. If it's been at least ten years since your wood floors have been refinished, or they just don't look as good as they once did, don't wait. Depending on foot traffic, finishes that are worn out cannot protect dirt, debris and moisture from damaging your floors.

Maintaining your wood floor's finish

Wood floors need minimum maintenance, but when they have lost their shine, we can come in for routine maintenance to renew that low sheen or high gloss shine on your floors.

If you are in the Charleston, Hilton Head, Bluffton or Savannah area and need your hardwood floors maintained or refinished, contact us online or call today (843) 338-6220 for a free estimate.